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Resources for CEEP Success

Welcome to the CEEP Resources page. Here you’ll find a wealth of tools, guides, and examples designed to support both educators and students in achieving their educational objectives with CEEP. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to refine your understanding, our materials are tailored to meet your needs.

List of Our Faculty Resources
for Educators

Faculty Guide image

Faculty Guide


The comprehensive guide for educators on implementing CEEP 
in the classroom.
Faculty Quick Start Guide image

Faculty AI Materials


CEEP can incorporate AI into an experiential project that takes students out of the classroom. 

Level 2 Canva LMS Template image

Level 2 Canva LMS Template


A customizable Canvas LMS template to integrate CEEP into your learning management system.

List of Free Student Resources
Available for Educators/Administrators

Student Guide image

Student Guide


All the essential information a student needs to navigate and benefit
from CEEP.
CEEP Steps 1-6 Worksheets image

CEEP Steps 1-6 Worksheets


Printable worksheets to guide students through every step of the
CEEP process.

 Additional Resources:
Supplementary Materials

Timeline Options for CEEP image

Timeline Options for CEEP


.Different timeline structures to fit CEEP into various curriculum schedules. These are embedded within the Faculty Guide 

Research Report Example image

Research Report Example


A sample research report, showcasing best practices and the
desired format. Go into any of the links above and you can see these in the shared drive with Free/OER materials.

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